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music is bleeding from my ears

thursday i played poker with the boys.  i intruded on their maleness.  and had an o-chem notebook open most of the time. 

i tried getting back in touch with ben-ben, aka my ex-roommate, the big hungry bear.  he seemed confused to why i was calling.  i wanted to tell him that there was a story about his gay pot-head roommate in a literary magazine i got in a coffee shop in milwaukee.  then i erased him from my phone.

my o-chem notebook and i then went to ed's where marty and autumn played a concert for drunk people on ukelele.  'stairway to heaven' on uke is pretty goddamn sexy.  don't judge me.

friday, i played an open mic at sellery.  me and my guitar, aptly named 'the sweatpants boner' started with 'knockin' on heaven's door.'  a really bad rendition.  after two bars, i said, "just kidding guys!" and everyone laughed with relief.  i did mean it as a joke.  srsly.  then i did some stage banter about how i get dumped a lot and this was a song about getting dumped.  then i rocked out to hoku's "how do i feel?"  and i always change the lyrics.  usually, they're about wills.  stuff like "i miss the porch sex" and so on.  but jay-l bait was in the audience, so i felt the need to sing about him.  the lyric got changed on the fly to "i miss the butt sex" and then everyone was laughing too hard to hear the rest of my jay-related improv.  i'm brilliant.  the audience also loved my 'guitar solo', where i can't play the guitar solo so i sing the words 'guitar solo guitar solo' over and over.  i rock.  well, i suck.  but i'm cute and fun. 

after the open mic, i ran over to the drag ball.  it was beautiful.  i love androgyny.  i grinded up against my lady friends and got free condoms from men in makeup. 

later, the ladiez and i went to jen's place where we proceded to get crunk.  mmmmhmm.... flavored vodka.  we made watching 'boondock saints' into a drinking game.  and got trashed.  jen was talking in russian and laura was biting.  hot girl sex pie. 

wills called.  he wanted to hang out.  i was with the girls.  for the first time in forever, i didn't drop everything and go to him. 

but i was sooooo hungover yesterday.  i slept until 4.  then i was going to go to the joanna newsom concert, but after waiting an hour in line, i got turned away at the doors, since the room was at maximum capacity.  stupid hippy hipster bitches.  the line for the concert smelled of something i've never smelled before.  patchouli and clove cigarettes and hip.
 "what does 'hip' smell like?" marty asked. 
"like an urban outfitters."

so i left the union all pissy and went and got a deeply discounted sundae from my mcdonald's employee lover. 

that was my night.

i have an o-chem midterm tomorrow.  WHO THE HELL GIVES A MIDTERM THE WEEK BEFORE FINALS?!?  oh ieva.  i want to fail this class. 

i got an A in lumberjack class, though.  SUCKERS.
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